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Crysis “Kicked from Server”

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Since applying the latest 1.2 Crysis version I’ve been continually getting “kicked from server” messages. Running a dedicated server on a network game (of which I’m the network admin!) this is rather annoying. I’ve found loads of posts on various forums about this happening to other people playing online games but haven’t found any relating to network games. Rebooting both servers and clients helps sometimes. Reinstalling helped, for a while.

Gadget Girl Dilemma

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Apple 16 GB iPod touch I weighed my handbag the other day. It weighed 8 lbs!
Apart from the ‘normal’ weight of keys, glasses, lipstick and hairbrushes, my bag also contained all my essential kit for the digital life of a writer/journalist/techie/web developer on the road:

  • Camera: Coolpix L2
  • GPS: Garmin nivi 300
  • MP3:Apple iPod Touch 16GB
  • MP3: Creative Zen Touch 20GB
  • Phone: Motorola Razr 3i
  • PDA: HP HX2790
  • Sound Recorder: Olympus DS-50
  • 30GB storage on various USB keys, WOS, etc. Spare SB, flash cards
  • Griffin iTrip
  • Shure E500PTH Sound Isolating Earphones
  • Bluetooth earpiece
  • PowerMonkey plus attachments
  • What could I leave out?
    First off, there’s lots of duplication there … apart from the obvious 2 MP3 players, the Olympus is also an MP3, so is the Garmin nuvi and so is the PDA. My phone is an MP3 too actually. Likewise the ipod Touch handles appointments, tasks contacts and email. I can watch movies on it, provided I buy them from Apple. The PDA however lets me watch whatever I copy to it. The iPod has some of my music, whereas the Zen has a whole lot more. I can’t envisage leaving either one behind. The Garmin is great for listening to music or Audible books in the car, but I’m not seriously going to carry it round at the gym! Likewise the PDA or the Olympus.

    The phone is also a camera, but the quality isn’t good enough for photo journalism purposes (well neither is the Nikon, but it’s good quality for incidentals – if I know I’m going out to get shots I carry an SLR).

    The PDA is also a voice recorder, but the quality isn’t anywhere near production quality (whereas the Olympus is good enough for capturing sound effects as well as a dictaphone – again if I know I’m going out to capture sound I load for bear with my trusty Shure mic).

    So I’m stuck. I can’t figure out what to take out of there.

    Every so often I ponder the value of convergence devices, but each time I’m further stumped just what I would go for. I mean, would I want Garmin making my phone? Can a phone camera give good enough quality to be my every day carry? How about combining a phone and a PDA? (Would it work reliably as just a phone? Quick and straightforward, yet giving me all the flexibility of my PDA?) Would I trust a phone manufacturer’s onboard GPS to guide me when I’m lost?

    I’ve asked a bunch of friends what they would do. But none of my girlfriends are gadgetgeeks and none of my guy friends have a purse to carry their kit in. They just fill their pockets with what kit they think they’ll need when they leave the house in the morning, or more often than not leave it behind. (Apparently gadgets have a grace period when they are new and shiny and braggable during which time they’ll get carried every day, but after the novelty has worn off – or everyone else has one – then it’ll just be a selective carry if and when it’s needed.)

    But me, I’m not like that. As a kid I used to feel bad for all the teddy bears that I didn’t choose to cuddle each night, so I’d end up cuddling them all. Nothing’s changed, I guess …

    If you have any ideas on convergence devices or if you’re a gadget girl who’s successfully made the giant leap of leaving something behind, let me know!

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