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Wacom Cintiq

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Wacom Cintiq 12 inch This is the first post in my Wacom Cintiq 12WX experience.

First off, I’ve had it now for three weeks and I’m truly in love with it. I must admit that while I had wanted to get my hands on one of these for a long time, I could not see past the logistical problem of physically fitting it on my desk (alongside my existing dual monitors) and a bit of a pang at the thought of parting with my Wacom Intuous 3, which has been my trusty friend for a while now. I’d watched a few youtube videos about people using their Cintiqs, which really excited me, but several owners mentioned their old Intuos tablets sitting in the corner.

So it was with some mixed feelings that I greeted the Cintiq when it finally arrived. These were quickly swept away once I had it set up and started using it. It’s a very natural creative experience. There is no guesswork required. Unlike the Intuos, you do not need to guage the your position on the screen against your pen’s position on the tablet – (obviously!) your pen is right where you are looking. (This does take a little calibration at the start but once it’s setup you don’t think about it again.)

I was a little nervous about pressing on the screen at the start, but it’s robust enough to use reasonable pressure when drawing.

The Cintiq has ten buttons which can be used for various functions and Photoshop modifiers. The top left button is set initally to transfer from the Cintiq screen to the main monitor when you want to use one of the Photoshop tools, pallettes etc. I found this cumbersome already having dual monitors. Switching back to a mouse was also troublesome, so I quickly reattached my ‘old’ Intuos tablet (which works just fine off the same driver and didn’t require any further installation). I set the Intuos to work off the two ‘real’ monitors so now I only need to move my pen from the Cintiq to the Intuos and my cursor is back out of the drawing area and I can operate my PC/Photoshop normally. The pen that comes with the Cintiq works with the Intuos (and vice versa) so I don’t even need to switch pens. It’s really intuitive and doesn’t interupt my workflow at all.

With eight the buttons on the Intuos that gives me 18 buttons which I altered to match the Photoshop functions that I use most frequently. (I will write more about that next time.)

As for my concerns about fitting the Cintiq and two monitors on my desk, it’s worked out really well. The Cintiq tucks in sideways when I’m not using it, providing a third monitor for general PC use. It’s handy for watching TV or DVDs, or for keeping work applications (like FTP or reference material) running visibly but still not taking up valuable main screen real estate.

I truly, madly deeply love the Wacom Cintiq!! (AND its best buddy the Intuos 3!)

If you have any questions about using the Cintiq, so ask and I’ll do my best to give you answers.

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