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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

by Kathie Kingsley-Hughes

As I sit, my elbows
resting on the desk,
eyes tight shut,
I am struck by
the narrow
of my temples
between my thumb
and forefinger.
Is this all I am?
The entirety of
my being contained
within a

I could live without
ear, leg, appendix, arm,
bowel, fingers, tongue,
hair, eye, tonsil, breast,
kidney, tooth, lung.
Not one of these things
is essentially
me. If it was lying
on the desk before
me, I would no more
feel that I was
there, instead of here.

Yes, there is more
to me that
keeps me living, but
all that is me thus
is contained within
my hand with
some mere warm offal,
And yet, if I had not
a hand,
if I am not
also hand,
I would not
know this;
could not
my brain-span

What is me?
Am I hand or
am I brain-pan?
Perhaps I am
both, and

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