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Entry London Screenwriting Festival Film Challenge

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

This past week I have had the very great honor to be involved in making a short film for the London Screenwriting Festival Film Challenge.

For me this meant having to be in front of the camera (yes that is me!) and trying to direct my rather offbeat vision for this script. Adrian made an excellent DOP, my actress daughter, Amy, did a grand job of voicing both the actor and the news reporter in the background. I then had several hundred digital photos to crop out the background and process to look like drawn cartoon, a bit like Hotel Dusk. The stop motion was a lot of fun and was inspired by Doug Savage’s Phantom Mountain.

But the best bits overall were filming our very own mini riot and the rather macabre fire scene at the end. Starting to put it all together in Adobe After Effects was very much a rush job just a few hours before the contest deadline, especially since this was the first day I ever used the program!! Meanwhile Amy edited the video and the sound as well as fulfilling the role of  a very efficient production manager, keeping me on track with what I still needed to edit, process and animate!  We literally uploaded up till the last second. It was high adrenaline in the office that day as we counted down the megabytes as they uploaded.

So now it’s good to have a little rest before catching up with all the work I missed last week, as well as preparing for my trip to London for the London Screenwriters Festival next weekend. It will be good to get there if only to have a rest!

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