Phone, Lipstick, Keys … Web Server!

April 25th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

 Kingston Data USB Key - 2 Gigs!!   Here’s a great little tool that we’ve been using for a few weeks now and it’s made such a difference.  The Web Server on a stick is just that … a complete Apache webserver with PHP & MySQL running off a USB memory stick.  I’ve found it so useful that I rarely go anywhere without it now.  I run the server locally from harddisk and then synchronize it to my key (using Second Copy.  I carry a lot of USB keys so this program is especially handy as it identifies the USB key that I’m using and only copies to that key and no other.)
WOS - Web Server

When I’m away from my desk it means that I can carry with me the installations that I need WordPress, Gallery, VBulletin.  (Haven’t got Movable Type to run yet … but I’ll crack the darn thing yet!)  I don’t have to test out changes on live websites and I don’t have to rely on the remote servers and test sites.  It has really increased my productivity and I’ve got to say it’s a product that I’d happily pay for … but WOS Portable is free!

Update: Got an uncharacteristic attack of conscience after writing and decided I really did want to pay for it so much so that I upgraded WOS to the WOS-X version, not so much because I wanted the higher version, but because wanted to give the developer something for such great software.  Now I wish I’d hit ‘Donate now’ instead as the upgrade didn’t work and it took out my previous WOS installation along with it.  Probably my fault as some of the dialog boxes are in German (and don’t ya know I only took French in school).  Luckily I still have a backup of WOS as I have it installed on my hard disk as well as my USB key.  Not sure if I’ll be installing WOS-X again as I don’t really need the additional functionality and WOS on its own runs just fine!

Update II:  Here’s a great link on how to install WordPress onto WOS.

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