Vista & Windows 7 thoughts: Breadcrumbs

March 12th, 2009 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

I thought I’d write a little bit about Windows 7 today. I’ve been using it for about a month now primarily because my Samsung Netbook (which came with XP on it) won’t run Vista but it will run Windows 7. For me moving onto beta software is a rather unusual step – sure I’ll try it out and have a play, either in VMWare or on a spare test PC at work, but switching to something that’s not finished yet felt like rather a bold step – but I couldn’t stand XP a minute longer. If you are a Windows user who didn’t move onto Vista you might not understand this. Everyone said Vista Sucks when it first came out (myself included) but there were several things that I liked about it and eventually even its idiosyncrasies it grew on me.

One of the things that a sudden switch back to XP meant was the loss of the ‘breadcrumb trail’ – I don’t know if that’s what it’s called and tbh I can’t be bothered to go find out its official name right now, mark me down as a lazy blogger if you like, either way here’s a picture of the thing:
Breadcrumb trail
Initially when I started using Vista I thought that this thing was an attrocious idea. How would I be able to navigate my file system let alone my network if it looked like this?!
But little by little I got used to it. The ability to click on the name of the folder and see what was inside it was more useful than I’d originally given it credit for:
Breadcrumb - shows the contents of the folder above
And for those times when I really do need the path to a folder (such as when I’m sending someone a link to a network file) all you have to do is click on the folder symbol at the left of the address bar and the path is displayed:
Breadcrumb trail - path

The same breadcrumb trail appears in the save dialog and it’s here I find it indespensible. No more navigating up and then down to adjacent folders, mostly it’s one click away. Breadcrumb in the save as dialog box

(Before everyone writes in, yes I know those are Vista and not Windows 7 screenshots above. I couldn’t be bothered to go screenshot my Netbook right now either. Am I lazy today or what?!)

More soon!

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6 Responses to “Vista & Windows 7 thoughts: Breadcrumbs”

  1. Harry Says:

    Windows 7 is much better than Windows Vista when it comes to performance. i like Windows 7 just like Windows XP

  2. Arthtritis Treatment Health Info Says:

    i just installed Windows 7 on my PC. i just hope that it is as stable as Windows XP.

  3. Joel Says:

    I just installed windows 7 and so far, I hate it. Performance sucks hard and I still haven’t found out how to disable the breadcrumbs permanently. My mouse lags, my hard drive is doing something (???) all the time, videos lag that used to run on xp fine, youtube lags, firefox lags, UI customization is hell.

  4. Chaser Cruz Says:

    I just hope that if I try using Windows 7 it will help me in my task. I want my work to become efficient so I will try Windows 7 performance.

  5. Wally Says:

    I had never heard the phrase “breadcrumbs” until I was changing Windows 7 gui. Try the prog at . It can get rid of “breadcrumbs” and allow the XP-style address typing and everything.

  6. Ken Reed Says:

    I’m a relatively new Windows user and recently upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium on my laptop.
    I do not want to advertise which user accounts are available on my laptop and would prefer the standard Ctl-Alt-Del
    method of logging in.
    I tried the various steps of accessing password management, went to the Advanced tab, but the “Require
    users to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete” check box is grayed out.
    I am the administrator on this lap top, so I am at a loss.
    Is this not possible with Home Premium?
    Am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance,

    Ken Reed

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