Amazon This is the page you made – Oh no it isn’t!

April 28th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Amazon’s ‘This Is The Page You Made’ page used to be a really handy feature for suggesting items that I might like, based on previous purchases and items I’ve looked at recently.  But the last few days has changed all that because the only things suggests I might like are pornographic art books or homosexual erotica!

I’m beginning to wonder if, based upon all the geeky gadgets and tech books I’ve bought from Amazon over the years, they haven’t discovered something deep down inside me that I’ve yet to discover about myself.  Nah!

Seriously though, this new bent certainly changes Amazon’s family-friendly image.  Of course there’s always been erotica and sex manuals on the site (and why shouldn’t there be!) but it’s not something Amazon offers you unless that’s what you’re searching for (well except for that  time they sent me the Karma Sutra instead of the XML book I’d ordered, that is).

I wondered if it was maybe a temporary glitch or if something in my recently viewed items history was producing this (although I couldn’t imagine what it might be!) so I tried messing around with the Page you Made settings by deleting my previously viewed items. 


The ‘page I made’ now tells me this:

And then it got a whole lot worse! When I view the Amazon front page or any page it now offers me a whole load more of what I’ve dubbed Ama-porn!

So does this mean that showing erotica on the front page is’s default setting when no information is available about the user? Has some cheeky monkey at got into the controls somewhere??

Someone suggested that maybe it’s because Brokeback Mountain is the featured movie on [tag]Amazon[/tag] UK right now, and it’s skewing everything else that’s offered up to site visitors. 

Hmmmm … I haven’t seen the film but it all sounds a bit ‘brokeback’ to me!

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4 Responses to “Amazon This is the page you made – Oh no it isn’t!”

  1. Kathie’s Spittin’ chips about Amazon » The PC Doctor Says:

    […] Kathie’s spittin’ chips  about in her latest blog post.  It seems that Amazon has started to dish out family-unfriendly/workplace-unfriendly (depending on your family or workplace I guess) items onto the front page through the ”This is the Page You Made” feature.  She’s dubbed this new Amazon feature “Ama-porn”. […]

  2. burnt Says:

    Did you leave your account looged in anywhere ?
    I started getting suggestions for pregancy books, turns out my wife had used the computer and as I had not logged off amazon she was seen as me even though she did not order anything.

  3. ft Says:

    isn’t it like amazon is profiling the recommended based on what u’ve searched for he ?

  4. Kathie Says:

    No it’s not anything that I’ve searched for (yeah, you believe me, millions wouldn’t …) and it’s not that someone else has been in my account. I’ve had emails from other Amazon UK users saying that they’re seeing it too … so it’s not just me!

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