Synchronicity arriving from the Depths

April 11th, 2021 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

The synchronicity at the moment is just blowing me out the water. It feels like I ask for something and it appears. No I don’t mean things or money, and sorry I don’t have the winning lottery numbers. But somehow, weirdly and wonderfully, new opportunities are arising and changes are happening which are just spot-on what I wanted, and not always even what I asked for.

Of course, there is a skeptical part of my mind that does its usual thing (huge thank you to that part of me, but right now let’s you and me stay with this feeling of flow and curiosity so we can see where it leads … ! 💃🏻 )

Sometimes you just have to be open to things. And, more often than not, the skilful question to ask is more about ‘why I am feeling closed or stuck?’ rather than ‘why can’t I be more open?’

Physically I am not feeling great. My body is still chooching through the vaccine and building up the antibodies and I can’t say that it’s been a pleasant process. And I’ve been feeling really down and small while all this has been happening. It’s been about staying with the difficulty. Letting myself run on minimal resources. Keeping my conscious brain occupied while letting the work happen underneath. And letting it hurt like hell.

And then … it felt like I woke up again. My parts are starting to work together. I am so very much more than just my conscious part (bless her she is always at least half a second behind, and sometimes that stretches out to decades) but lately my whole system seems to be functioning better, more in flow. Everything feels right while at the same time it also doesn’t. Curious!!!

Daily focusing, meditation and yoga are really helping me to listen to my wider, wiser self. And daily creative externalising, whether that be writing, drawing, painting, ceramics, dancing or making music, enables the inner world a way of expressing of what’s happening inside, without the conscious me getting in on the mix. She can just sit back and watch! 😎 🍿

So, even from within what is quite a difficult time, things are feeling curiously fresh and exciting.

Gratitude to my parts for working so well together and playing nicely 🙏

Let’s go … 💃🏻

My latest canvas – externalising the internal

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