Happy New Year!

January 4th, 2011 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Starting off as I mean to go on by updating my blog. My personal blog gets so little attention these days, but I’m going to make sure I update more often from now on.

Have just updated the copyright notices to 2011 on some 13 blogs and another half dozen websites. Some sites I never actually get around to putting actual content on!! Think this site needs a redesign. Even if it’s only my charicature’s hair colour. I’ve been blonde for about five years now!

I’ve been very busy with my MA course for the last six months – transforming myself into a screenwriter (hopefully) at Bournemouth University. The course is much more intense than I had imagined it would be. I have so far researched and written a thirty minute short film script (which you can read more about here about Bardsey – a remote Island in North Wales that is in many ways like a time capsule – without electricity, telephones or plumbing – with stunningly beautiful scenery. Observational research there was a dream and I am proud of the script that I ended up with. It still needs work of course, but I’m happy with it as it stands for now.

I’m also busy working on another tech book and several multimedia projects. (More info as and when I can share it!)

The novel is progressing well, although it hasn’t had nearly enough attention of late. Am looking forward to some solid time in the next month when I can settle down and write. And I’m also working on two projects that may or may not end up as novels. They could be feature scripts – I don’t know yet! I’m still not sold on the medium to be honest. But it’s growing on me steadily. I have thought of writing them as BOTH a novel and a screenplay and then deciding what to do with each project when it’s finished. For now I’m still in the research phase so lots to be considered still. But I am like a mule equidistant between two haystacks in terms of the medium. Bottom line it has to be the medium that suits the project best, so I can’t make any decisions yet. Which is rather annoying. Before I started screenwriting there was no choice to be made! As they say: a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!

I’m also going to be teaching again later in the year, which is great. I love teaching! I’d really like to be teaching creative writing – that is my goal. But for now I will be happy to be teaching tech again!

So that’s me fulfilling my pledge to update my personal blog more often. Now back to updating work websites!

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