Transmedia and Me

March 8th, 2011 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

I’m currently writing an essay for my MA course.  The topic I eventually chose was transmedia.  In case you don’t know what that is a quick shortcut is to think about the film The Matrix.  I say film but it was actually a franchise.

The story was spread across the first film and its sequels as well as partly being told through the games, and the short films on the Animatrix DVD.  To understand what the Matrix was you needed to delve deeper into the clues and the imagery contained in the film and elsewhere – and to really do that you needed to search the web – and there were loads of clues.  Some people were disappointed in the sequels, but this was in part because there were so many references to the other media avenues that wouldn’t have been understood by audience members who were aware only of the films.

The Matrix Poster

Transmedia storytelling is about designing stories that will be told across multiple media.  The audience can experience parts of the story online, in movies, DVDs or YouTube shorts, via social media, within games, as apps on the iPhone and other smart phones, as geo-located alternative reality games, quizzes, telephone calls, bus benches and a host of other ways.     The possibilities are endless…

I think the main reason I like Transmedia so much is because it bridges my two worlds: my old familiar world of social media and crossplatform, and my new and slightly scary world of screenwriting and filmmaking.

The only rather retrograde aspect of this is that ultimately my instinct tells me there is a book in all this …

To be continued…

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