Progress is sweet!

July 8th, 2011 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Well I passed the first year of my MA in Screenwriting (from Bournemouth University). It's been a helluva year. I have personally achieved so much and surpassed so many obstacles along the way. As well as the excellent tuition on the course, I must add that my sense of achievement is also in large part due to my study of CBT and mindfulness, and the excellent teachers I have had along the way there.

In the coming year on the course I will be writing a full-length feature film, and as part of the residential course last week I got the opportunity to pitch my movie script to Ivanna MacKinnon - producer of Slumdog Millionaire, among many others. This was a wonderful experience which I also enjoyed a great deal. Pitching a film, although in principle not that different from public speaking or delivering a spec for a book, was something that held major fear for me. Not exactly sure why but it probably has something to do with the number of movies and TV shows I have seen over the years which depicted a character pitching a film, often with hilarious or disastrous consequences. Luckily as usual, life is nothing like what we see on the screen. It was very easy to do and there were no gaffs or pratfalls involved. And what's more I got some really good feedback for my idea. What more could I ask?

But because 'wanting more' is the very foundation of all human civilization and achievement, what kind of hero would I be if I just settled for that? Not much of one. So instead of just setting out to write the script that I pitched as part of the course I plan to write it in my own time (since it is a fairly straight script) and attempt to do something more experimental under the tutelage of the university lecturers for my Masters. Something more psychological appeals to me, perhaps with an alternate structure.

My research at the moment is focusing on human emotion and the nature of aggression and violence. Of course I will be looking at a female protagonist (or maybe anti-heroine?) for this study. I attended a particularly violent combat course recently as the only female there and I was very interested in the difference in how women are taught by society to react to anger and just how much it takes to tip that anger over into violence or aggression. With an increasing number of violent perpetrators in the UK being female - or female gangs - this is very interesting to me. What has brought about this change in society?  More thoughts on that as I progress in my research, I'm sure!

So that's me updating my blog!

Progress is sweet. I would always recommend to writers that they document their progress along the way - and don't forget to include how you feel about it. That way you learn to appreciate the gifts the universe has given you along the journey - which in turn will make the next gift easier to spot! 😀

Happy writing!

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