Final Draft Security Vulnerability

December 9th, 2011 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

To all Final Draft users:  Screenwriting software Final Draft has been shown to have a security vulnerability which can allow your computer to be accessed remotely by an attacker using a maliciously-coded Final Draft (.FDX or .FDXT) files.

The solution to this is to download the patch provided on Final Draft’s website.

Final Draft VulnerabilityThe website requires you to provide a registered customer number (which you can usually find on your CD box or by clicking Help > Customer Support). If you have not already registered you will need to supply your name and address and other details before you can download the patched version of the software.

The download sizes for Final Draft 8.0.3 are 37.2 MB (Windows) and 28.8 MB (Mac).

If you are unable to immediately download and install the patch ensure that you DO NOT OPEN any .FDX or .FDXT files  from untrusted sources. This includes opening files sent to you via email.

Some problems have been reported with logging in via the registered customer number as registered users have been unable to log in using their software’s number. Keep trying as it may eventually work, otherwise contact Customer Support.

As this download is to address a highly critical security vulnerability placing the patch behind a registration wall is both an unacceptable and irresponsible action.  Customers pay a lot for Final Draft – they deserve better, especially as this vulnerability is putting their computers at risk.

Final Draft need to make the patches widely available very soon.


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