IE 7 tips – Drag off Shortcuts & Opening Tabs at Startup

November 10th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

This is one change in Internet Explorer 7 that keeps catching me out!  I prefer to store links to pages I’m reading online as shortcuts on my desktop rather than in my favorites, because that way I can keep the link in plain sight and so remember what the heck I was doing! In Internet Explorer 6 the simplest way to quickly save a link on your desktop was by dragging off the top left corner of the browser window. 

Dragging shortcut off IE6

In IE7 this doesn’t work the same way presumably because of tabbed browsing, so instead you drag the shortcut off the browser icon in the address bar.

Dragging shortcut off IE6

Of course if I’m reading something now and want to come back to it later, one of the easiest options in IE7 is to have the same tabs open up next time the browser opens.  To do this close the browser containing the tabs you want to open again next time.  This will bring up a prompt asking you if you want to ‘Open these the next time you open Internet Explorer’.  Check the box!

IE7 open tabs at startup

You will also notice that option there never to show you this dialog again.  If you’ve inadvertently ticked that (we get so used to saying we don’t want to be reminded of things again) you’ll have to go to Tools, Internet Options.  On the General tab you’ll find the Tabs option.  Click Settings and check the box ‘Warn me when closing multiple tabs’.

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4 Responses to “IE 7 tips – Drag off Shortcuts & Opening Tabs at Startup”

  1. IE7 - drag images to view » Vexentricity Says:

    […] When I posted about how to drag off links to the desktop in IE7 I promised to post any more differences that came to my attention. Here’s one … […]

  2. Rosario Says:

    I find it absolutely boring to have to go through the “do you want to close all tabs” dialog every time I quit IE. There should be an option to choose “Open always ALL tabs” so that you can quit and restart IE always with your tabs automatically opend.

  3. wawens Says:

    I agree the “do you want to close all tabs” message is a nerve jangler. The
    answer for me is always yes. How can we disable this pop up and simply close
    the whole shabang at once?

  4. wawens Says:

    Sorry – forget my comment – its explained in this page above (I did not read it properly!)

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