Spam Eaters

April 25th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Just installed Spam Karma on a couple of my WordPress sites. It’s nothing new, on version 2 now, just that I’ve never tried it before myself.  It works really well and had trapped a good 30 over on my partner in crime Adi’s site (PC Doc) this morning before I took the plunge and installed it on mine.  Very quick and easy to install and no configuration, just away you go.  And it reports back on any new comment or trackback spam that you find so you’re helping to catch the spammers too! 

Another good spam eater is Askimet but I’ve never quite understood the process for getting the WordPress API Key to use it.  It’s a little confusing as in order to get the key you’re also applying for a WordPress blog on their site, and indeed that’s what you get (not quite sure what I’ll be doing with that … perhaps I can put in a redirect? Or there is an option to delete the blog that’s create – I wonder if that would delete my API key too??) 

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