Office 2007 Tools Options and File Properties

November 22nd, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

I’m getting a lot of questions about Office 12 from people who are desperate and in a hurry to find some aspect of Office that’s mysteriously moved in the new version. I’ve experienced this myself.  As I get them in I thought I’d post them up as help for others…  I’ll add to them as I get more in, so if you need help let me know!

“Where is tools options?”

If you wanted to change settings in Word, it was simple before .. you clicked on Tools | Options, so where is it now? 

2007 Office ButtonClick the Office Button (big round button in the top left corner)  and you’ll find Word options at the bottom, which contains most of what was under “Tools | Options” in previous versions.  It’s not all under the same headings as before so you may need to dig about a bit.  Let me know if you can find what you need and I’ll do my best to locate it for you…

Word 2007 - Where is tools options button?

Where is file properties?

In previous versions this was on the File menu, and gave you such information as Title and Author names, as well as the location of the document. To find this information in Word 2007,  click the round Office Button and click Prepare. From there you’ll see Properties, which displays some but not all of the info that was available in previous versions.  To see the full Document Properties dialog box click the down arrow and choose Advanced Properties.

Office 2007 - Where is File Properties?

Office 2007 Bring up Advanced Document Properties Dialog

If you need to find something in new Office email me with this form.

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4 Responses to “Office 2007 Tools Options and File Properties”

  1. Praveen Says:

    We are moving to Office 2007 now. File Properties are not visible on Windows 2000/2003 servers. We are able to see the properties (Title, comments, desc..etc) for Office 2003 files but not for Office 2007 files.

    But on my local XP machine (where office 2007 compatibility pack is installed), we are able to see the properties of both 2003 and 2007 office files.

    Could you please tell what needs to be installed on the server for us to view the properties of Office 2007 files on Windows 2000/2003 server

    Note: We are not supposed/don’t have to install any office products on servers.

  2. Louwrens Says:

    Tools, options ,color, copy color from ?

  3. Gene Blanks Says:

    I am trying to find CLIP ORGANIZER. Everything I try tells me to go to tools and click it. I can’t find a tools button or whatever it is called. I tried what you suggested above, Word Options, but that did not help me. Would appreciate any help you might give me. My problem is that I need to do some scanning and cannot find a way with Office Home and Student 2007 using Windows 7.

  4. sanaa Says:

    I use office 2003 and I have some document in office 2007 Ineed tool to run document 2007 in 2003

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