Back from Gfilm. And wow!

June 17th, 2013 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Wow! What a weekend at Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass!!!

Now I’m home and organising my notes. (I keep them  all and they get a little more detailed every year as more of it sinks in a little deeper!) I’m also networking with my friends old and new from GFilm 2013 on Twitter. (New delegates: remember to follow up those contacts! Don’t just get home and forget about it! Opportunity is knocking!)

Update: What I’m up to…

Screenwriting is going well and the filmmaking side of the business is hotting up quickly with several new shorts shooting in the next few months.

As always I am writing articles on a variety of subjects from personal development to new tech and screenwriting, filmmaking and photography. Also researching some long tail projects too.

I am busy preparing for the London Screenwriter’s Festival. I made a commitment last year that this year I will pitch! I am keeping that promise and my friends will keep me to it!  Pitching is a new step for me (although I did get to pitch to Slumdog Millionaire assoc producer Ivanna MacKinnon as part of my MA course and I didn’t die from the experience!)

Setting Goals

All nicely chunk-able, doable steps with measurable success. (So go ahead make your plan!!)

It’s the start of the journey and, as Chris Jones said at Gfilm:

it’s the journey not the destination that counts

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