Question:Adding Bookmarks in PowerPoint

February 16th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Question: “Can someone tell me how to make a bookmark in microsoft powerpoint please?!!!“

There are two ways to create a bookmark, either as a hyperlink or as an action. 


Putting in a hyperlink is just as simple as selecting some text that you’ve typed and right clicking and choosing the ‘Hyperlink’ option.

Add bookmark on a hyperlink in PowerPoint 2007

From there you can link to a URL (web address) a file on your computer or make a bookmar from one position within the current PowerPoint document to another position.  (This is handy if for example you put in some slides just for information, but that can easily be skipped over if everyone is already familiar with the subject.)

Put a Bookmark on an Image

If you prefer graphical hyperlinks you can insert an image or clipart and then right click on the image and choose Hyperlink in the same way as for text above.

Office 2007 PowerPoint - add hyperlink to an image



Making an “Action” gives you a wider scope as they can be triggered by either a “mouse click” or a “mouse over” (eg moving the mouse over the text or image will trigger the action). Click the appropriate tab along the top of the dialog box to alternate between mouse click and mouseover actions.

Actions in 2007 can be found on the “Insert” ribbon. (In previous versions of Office Actions settings are on the right click as per hyperlinks above.)

PowerPoint 2007 Insert an action

Action: Hyperlink

Actions can also be hyperlinks (to another slide in the presentation, to a URL, or to a separate PowerPoint presentation or other documents, as above) .  This is handy if you want a hyperlink that’s triggered by mouse over instead of a click.

Action: Run a program

An action can also be to run a program, so for example if you wanted to get a calculator up on screen, click the “Browse” button and navigate to the exe file for Windows calculator (c:\windows\system32\calc.exe) and click OK.

Office 2007 PowerPoint insert an Action - Action settings

Note: running a program from your slide show presentation will trigger a security warning “Microsoft Office has identified a potential security concern.”  If you’re sure of the safety of the program you are running (eg Windows calculator) click “Enable”.  (You can also “Enable All” to not show the warning again, but this isn’t recommended as the program potentially might be malware or a virus so it’s best to enable it as and when needed.)

PowerPoint 2007 security warning when running an external  program

Opening Calculator from within PowerPoint 2007

Action: Play a sound

This action enables you to play a sound when the object is clicked or moused-over (depending which tab you’re on).  Built-in sounds will be displayed in the drop down box.  To use another sound choose “Other Sound” from the drop down list, which will open up a browse dialog so you can navigate to the sound file you wish to use.

The sound action can be used in conjunction with a hyperlink or running a program, so both can be triggered together. 

Highlight click  – If an action is on an image this will makes the image look like it’s a button that’s been depressed.

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  1. cookie Says:

    Thanks a lot. Does anyone know how to make a mewsletter in publisher?

  2. Kathie Says:

    I’ll see what I can put together … check back soon!

    Your questions answered – post a comment or use the contact me link above

  3. deyn Says:

    I need to know how to make a bookmark in powerpoint so that I can refer the hyperlink from microsoft word to bookmark in powerpoint.
    when I click the link in MS word, it will go to the bookmark created in power point.
    May you help me?

  4. Grace Lee Says:

    nice sharing. thanks for it,

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