Happy New Year! Now get up and write!

January 7th, 2014 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Happy new year to you all!

Natural Posture

Mindful posture – good for writers and all who sit for too long!

I’ve been out of action a while after a spinal injury. I’m on the mend now and finally back to work. I’m not allowed to sit for long periods following surgery and this has been a major blow to my writing.

It’s been so frustrating not only being unable to sit, but also having to stay on the move for half the day and lying down trying to give my spine a complete rest for the other half. It’s been tough to figure out whether writing fits into the mobile half or the resting half. Many people suggested a standing desk and I did try to write upright, really I did, but I find after a minute or so my posture would slip and I’d be resting on one hip or the other. Keeping good posture at a standing desk is not easy and needs building up gradually over time. I quickly realised that post-surgery was probably not the best time to build up duration in these muscles.

I tried writing lying on my back, but as it turned out this was just as short-lived an activity as writing standing up. And that’s the thing about recovering from spine problems, you’re going to be frustrated and uncomfortable and what you’re just going to have to accept is that you can’t do the things you want to do for some time. Accepting not writing as my path back to writing was a hard pill to swallow.

An ounce of prevention…

If you’re writing (or editing film or processing pictures or making music or working in any job where you’re sitting in a chair for any length of time) prevention is much better than the cure! The moral of the tale, if there is one, is to mind your spine. Get up regularly, move around, stretch, do some squats, walk around your desk.

If you’re working from home you have more opportunity to do other activities, not less. Go put a load of laundry on, make the beds, put a stew in the slow cooker, run the vacuum cleaner round. These are all activities that can get our bodies out of those stuck positions we get into when our minds are occupied with work.

Remind yourself to move!

The Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up – bracelet pedometer that connects to your smart phone and monitors your exercise and sleep as well as being a great way to remind you to move when working and writing

The Jawbone Up is a good way to get you out of your seat. You can set the bracelet to vibrate every 15 minutes. You can even plug it into your iPhone or Android to track the number of steps, the depth and length of your sleep and the intensity of your workouts.

Maintaining good posture while you work is important, as is having a good supportive seat. But, the main thing is to move regularly.


Happy Writing! And Happy Moving!!

Some things I found that helped:

Book - Treat your own Back

Book – Treat your own Back

Treat Your Own Back

Physiotherapy cushion - posture wedge

Physiotherapy cushion – posture wedge which helps to take pressure off your spine when sitting at a desk

PhysioRoom Seating/Seat Wedge Posture Spine Cushion

Physiotherapy cushion - lumbar roll

Physiotherapy cushion – lumbar roll which can help to prevent slouching in your chair by supporting the curve in the lower back.

The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll – D-Shaped (Packaging Varies)

Ginger, Curcumin and Boswellia

Ginger, Curcumin and Boswellia – I found this very useful for joint inflammation and pain relief along with Omega 3 Fish oil capsules

FSC Ginger Curcumin & Boswellia 120 Tablets


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