Vista can’t drag onto taskbar

June 15th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Is it me or can you not drag items onto the taskbar in Vista? 

Sure in XP you couldn’t drop items directly onto the taskbar (if you did you got the “You cannot drop an item onto a button on the taskbar…” message) but if you hovered over the taskbar button and waited for the application to restore you could then drag the item into it. 

In Vista this seems buggy at best.  You can hover forever and the application will not restore.  Sometimes it just starts flashing orange but doesn’t restore. And very occasionally it will restore the application and you can drag your item it. 

But what makes the difference? Who knows … perhaps it is the position of the stars???

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2 Responses to “Vista can’t drag onto taskbar”

  1. Jared Says:

    I just searched Google for “vista won’t drag onto taskbar” and found your blog post! I agree it’s super annoying. Plus I’m leaving this comment over a year after your initial posting and it’s still not fixed! Technically there is a solution, which is to turn off the ‘Auto Hide’ feature but I mean seriously… so lame!

  2. Axel Says:

    Still hasn’t been fixed. I’ve thought it was just me… 🙁

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