Hauppauge and Vista

June 18th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

I’ve been going around and around trying to install my WinTV HVR 1100 on Vista and it just won’t work! 

I’ve mentioned this previously but I came to the conclusion that it was defective hardware at fault.  When I eventually received a new card I had exactly the same problem.  I was pleased then when Hauppauge brought out a page and a download for installing the PVR but … unfortunately that didn’t work either. 

2007-06-18_hauppaugeI’m seeing the error “Drivers have NOT been updated. INF File Open Failed.”


At least some people are getting this error because they have not extracted the installation files to the correct location.  But I’m still seeing the problem even though the files are indeed in the right place…

FYI switching off User Account Control (UAC) hasn’t helped either.

I’m mystified. 

(And I should add, more than a little angry.  I’ve been using Hauppauge hardware for a long time now.  And I really should have learned my lesson by now. Their hardware’s great but their installations are appalling.  I have seen this happen time and time again over the years.  Installing Hauppauge is an odyssey!  And for the life of me I can’t think why I bought from them again this time.)

I will keep working on this one and update here, when -or if – I find a solution.

Update: OK I’ve found out what the problem is. According to tech support the problem is caused by the Microsoft drivers that are being automatically downloaded before you can install the Hauppauge drivers. Their solution was to change how Windows update brings in drivers when new hardware is installed (right click on Computer, Properties, Advanced System Settings – pause for UAC prompt! – then click Hardware, Windows Update Driver Settings. Select Never Check for drivers when I connect a device).

Windows Vista Update Driver Settings - Hauppauge  Failed to open INF file.

This in theory should prevent Vista automatically downloading their driver for the device. That’s if you’ve done that step before putting the card in. If not, it’s a catch-22 situation. They tell you to remove the capture card, run HWClear.exe then replace the card. But if Vista has already downloaded those drivers then even if you’ve set it never to check for drivers when you connect a device, it still installs the driver it has already downloaded. Neither disabling the device nor uninstalling the driver seems to help.

So while I know what the problem is, I’m still no closer to a solution. As ever, I will update when (if) I know more…

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5 Responses to “Hauppauge and Vista”

  1. Ian Brunt Says:

    Hi Kathie,

    I don’t know if you’ve managed to progress this any, but my partner had the exact same problem when adding an HVR-1100 to a shiny new Vista Home Premium (x32) machine .

    We tried the usual approached of uninstalling with HWClear.exe and re-installing without any success. However, we had some (but not yet complete) success with one ‘final’ attempt before returning the card and buying something else.

    In desperation, we performed your ‘Never Check for drivers when I connect a device’ step and then went to the Windows Device Manger. Here we selected the Driver tab within the properties dialog for the Hauppauge card and selected the Uninstall option (the existing driver was dated sometime in 2006). Windows then wouldn’t let us change anything until we restarted. After the restart (and here I confess my memory’s a little fuzzy on the exact details) Windows started to perform the driver install with the helpful “Installing device driver software…” message for the Hauppauge card, but on looking at the installed driver details from the Device Manager, the driver was dated early 2007.

    Running the WinTV2000 app and then performing its channels scans this time found all the correct services, most of which were watchable. One of the digital multiplexes (Mux2 with the ITV and Channel4 services) caused problems though, with very stuttery video and audio. The other services were okay, however on one occasion when changing channels the whole machine froze solid.

    Trying Windows Media Centre also found all the correct services, but had similar problems with the Mux2 services, but this time often just showing a green screen.

    Searches on the Web usually point at a graphics card problem for these, although I’m more suspicious of the frequencies that the channel scans have found (although why the two different apps should get the same duff results I’m not sure). I’d had enough for the session at that point though, so will hopefully get back to it soon.

    Anyway, though this might help get you to the next stage of the (what appears an unnecessarily long) journey.


  2. Dave Says:


    I was having the same problem that is described by Kathie. Hoping that reformatting and setting the Windows Update Driver Setting to “Never check for drivers when I connect a device” would resolve the issue, I shut down my machine, took out my Hauppauge PVR-150 card, and then reformatted my machine. After reinstalling Vista Ultimate x64 with SP1 without the card in the machine, I changed the setting to “never check for drivers”.

    I then shut down my machine again, and then reinstalled the card. When I hooked everything back up, I made sure to leave the network cable unplugged just in case Vista tried to download the drivers from Windows Update even though I told it otherwise.

    As soon as I started up and logged in with the card installed, I got the same old “Installing device driver software…” tooltip balloon near the task tray area. Unbelievable! I guess the Vista disk (at least the one that I have) already has the bad driver on it.

    Man, this is frustrating. I will poke around and see if I can manually force it to use another driver somehow, but it may be easier just to see if there are other cards out there that are easier to use with Vista x64.


  3. Candice L. Says:

    Had the same issue as Kathy and Dave.

    I was instructed by my computer(!) FlashMedia Driver Software from Texas Instruments (TIPCI) needed to be installed…Perhaps it got corrupted somehow. I found the file (http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21248&dscr=Media%20Card%20Reader%20Driver%20Version:%20TI% for my laptop sporting Vista 32 bit version) at Gateway.

    Installed it, but install didn’t work the first time.

    But I did do something so simple; I completely removed the device and rebooted the computer. THEN I attached the device and rebooted, again, and I was able to install WinTV in the normal way.

    Also, be mindful of where you are downloading your WinTV Drivers/CD installation files. I had to create a separate folder on the desktop when I extracted the files to install instead of extracting them directly to the desktop. This, I think, helped with correct installation.

    Hope this helps.

    Candice L.

  4. Ian(not the same one as before) Says:

    I was having this issue as well, the full drivers+apps zip from the support section of their site did the same things as the driver&app CD that came with the card. (I am using a “Win TV PVR 150 MCE Kit” btw)

    So I ran hcwclear and rebooted just to be safe.

    Went here: http://www.hauppauge.co.uk/site/support/support_support.html , selected my card and grabbed the package for my card in the “Drivers Only” section.
    To my surprise it actually worked.

    Installed that & rebooted.

    Ran setup.exe from the full drivers+apps package previously downloaded.

    I rebooted again just for the hell of it and after starting up WinTV and selecting an input I was getting video.

    I have Vista Ultimate SP1 and not once did I see Windows telling me that it had found my card but it works well now… So long as I stay out of Windows Media Centre or whatever it is called, any time I do that I end up having to reboot to get WinTV to use my card again. It is ok though, WMC does not seem to even try to use the s-video or composite jacks so I have no use for it.

    Since I got my PVR-150 on sale for almost half off I would have to say that it was worth it, and I would do it again despite it not being a high-end model and the fact that the next time I install windows, for whatever reason, these drivers may not install nicely like this time.

    I know that it is kinda multiple years late, but since even in 2009 I came across this page in a search for answers then other people in the future most likely will as well. If it works for you, great, if not then hopefully no harm done.

    Actually now that I think of it does the american site really not have any individual drivers? I cannot seem to find any there.

  5. Alon Says:

    i just solved this problem on my windows 7 and hvr 950 i imagine same solution goes for vista. http://www.hauppauge.com/site/support/support_hvr950.html similar ones should be available for different versions

    To install the latest driver:

    Leave your WinTV-HVR plugged into your PC. Follow the following steps:
    Download the WinTV-HVR driver update: evx_153.113.127.zip
    Unzip this file to a directory you will remember, such as WINTV. It will create a new folder. To install, open the folder.
    This will install the WinTV-HVR base driver. At the completion of the driver install, you should see a message which says Drivers have been updated sucessfully.

    Name: evx_153.113.127.zip
    Size:3.2 MB

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