Goggle-eyed Trypophobopodia

August 13th, 2014 by Kat Kingsley-hughes


This one was inspired by a photograph taken by my husband. It’s basically a rock face. Sandstone with boulders in it in a cliff by the sea. The sea erodes the sandstone and the boulders fall out … leaving HOLES. Now if you have never heard of trypophobia or you’ve never been afraid of holes, then you probably won’t get this at all. But trust me it’s a real fear and I have it. Gah!

I was doodling a perfectly ordinary alien, well except for the goggle-eyes and pseudopodia, when this photo pops up on my phone – and he talks to me at length about this photo making the sensation of holes even worse! – and then the alien has holes too. Well, only his face really. If I add any more I’ll have nightmares.

This particular terror is clearly an area I must explore further. Face your fears head on, right? But not now. Drawing this evening is strictly a wind-down activity after a long day doing voiceover training. So no exploring my deepest terrors tonight!

Here’s the photo in case you’re interested. If it doesn’t inspire a deep sense of dread and disgust in you, congratulations, you are not a trypophobe!image

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