Triskelobster Anatomy

December 11th, 2006 by Administrator

Triskelobster Anatomy Diagram - click for full size image
Triskelobster Anatomy Diagram – click for full size image

The triskelobster is covered with a yellowy brown jelly-like goo, over a crustacean-like shell. Most shellfish have goo on the inside. This one has it on the outside too. I think the triskelobster recent left the seas for the land and has to migrate across an arid stretch of land to reach its mating ground. The goo therefore keeps it moist while it’s making this journey.

The triskelobster doesn’t have eyes but its sensors perform many functions including smell, taste, touch, magnetoreception (like a homing pigeon), electroception & vibration-sense (like a shark), thermosense and echolocation (like a dolphin).

The jaws are carnivorous. The frill around it’s ‘neck’ is a gill mechanism that enables it to breath both in underwater and in the atmosphere.

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