September 27th, 2005 by Administrator

Rangulator - click for full size image
Rangulator – click for full size image

The rangulator sheds his skin several times a year – the reason for which is unknown – so this is him in his moulted state, with the musculature showing. When the moulting phase is complete and he is resplendent in his mating plumage he will use the oversized incisor to fight other male rangulators for the priviledge of mating with the queen.

This one, with his bright blue eye, reflective yellow nose, sternum carapace and skull flange is an excellent example of the species and should his fighting prowess be sufficient he stands a good chance of fathering the next generation of Rangulators.

Once mated the queeen will eat him.

I do talk some tosh, don’t I?

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