Bright Weasel Biped in mating plumage

September 28th, 2005 by Administrator

Bright Weasel Biped in mating plumage
Bright Weasel Biped in mating plumage – click for full size image

I really wouldn’t like to meet this one on a dark night. But then I figure with all those eyes it would see me coming first and run away …

I figure he lives on a very glassy planet or asteroid, with low gravity and some very slick surfaces, so all those suckers would come in handy to suck-on to the nearest rock when the wind gets up. This one is just about to suck on to the ground. His lower body will curl up into a ball during the wind storm and the long fur helps to stop the bright weasel from freezing to death.

Personally I think the combination of suckers and fur is kinda gross – imagine a furry octopus! Gah!

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