Uroplatus in Full Armour

April 14th, 2011 by Administrator

Uroplatus in Full Armour- Alien of the Day
Uroplatus in Full Armour- Alien of the Day
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This one was inspired by this picture of a Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko. I think he looks pretty alien already. Mine is more intelligent and has supplemented his armour with a spiked exo-suit. He has his own spikes too, some of which have been enhanced by colour (Uroplatean nail polish perhaps?) worn by the males of course to attract a mate.

I love the original uroplatus’ fingers. They are so flat and pliable. Perfect for holding onto that stick. An alien race however might have stronger fingers more evolved to warfare, flying space ships etc etc. (Also it’s really hard to draw the real uroplatus’ fingers!)

Part of the armour includes hip spikes. These were inspired by a recent shopping trip to London. I figure armoured hips would be way more useful than pointy elbows as you can carry on jabbing your fellow combatant even while digging through for bargains. Very handy!

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