What’s this site about?

I like sketching. I do it for my own enjoyment only. I do post some of my alien sketches up here just in case someone else might enjoy them. I’ve been doing this since 2005 and it should really be renamed as Alien…Occasionally.

But it’s fun to do. If you don’t believe me take a look at Stefan G Bucher’s Daily Monsters and tell me that isn’t sooooo cool.

I love drawing and painting and CG. Looking back I wish I had devoted myself to art and nothing else. (I probably still wouldn’t be very good – I think it helps if you have some inate talent that I clearly don’t have.) But I think if I had my life over I wouldn’t bother with teaching or programming or writing (well maybe I could still write and draw, like Scott Adams).

I also love thinking up creatures, pondering about how species have developed and adapted and wondering about all the different ways that they might have evolved in other physical and biological environments than our Earth. We shall never know of course but it’s OK to dream … unless one of these suckers land on my lawn and then I’ll be really surprised!! But at least I’ll be able to show them their picture on Alien of the Day and they’ll think that because I drew them before they arrived… I must be some kind of prophet or at least someone far too important on this planet to be probed or eaten. I hope.


Vexentrix – Kat