Sungrogar Supplicant

Devoted Supplicant at the Altar of Sungrogar - Alien of the Day
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I doodled this one on lined paper during a phone tutorial. I always find myself doodling when I’m listening and this was the product of yesterday’s call. I then slammed it very quickly into Photoshop to add a dash of color – otherwise you’d see that the page was also covered in my notes! Never enough time to do a good job but I’ve kept the file so hopefully I can revisit this one some time. I’d like to do a full-face and a close-up of the gills. What is it with gills lately? Nearly every alien I draw has some kind of gill or lip fringe …!

The story of this Alien:
This Sungrogar supplicant is very devoted to his god. You can tell because each raised weal represents a full sun’s rotation of devotion.

He will remain in this position on the steps of the altar for the entirety of the daylight period. He will then sleep in a ground scrape at the sandy base of the steps until Sungrogar blesses them with another day.

The supplicant breathes through an adapted facial gill which also allows him to ingest microorganisms from the atmosphere, which although not providing him with a completely healthy diet, supplies him with enough nutrient to continue his supplication without stopping to eat.

He will feast once a year to mark the birth of the universe from the navel of Sungrogar. During this feast the devotee will gorge himself himself to fill the large pads on his back and ribs with enough vital nutrients to last an entire planet’s rotation without eating.

Phoshcra Maître D’

Phoshcra Maître D' offering a dish of Fire Slugs - Alien of the Day

This Phoshcra Maître D’ is offering a dish of Fire Slugs. He has multiple eyes to see all the tables.

Click to view slightly larger image**.

** Not much higher res on this one as Photoshop crashed on me before I’d saved (hence the name I gave this alien) so all I had was a low res screensnag of the image. God bless Snagit! It’s saved me like this so many times! The image isn’t as good as I wanted it to be but it’ll have to do…

Space Anemone

Space Anemone - Alien of the Day

An anemone of anemone is a friend – click for larger image.

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