Bardsey Island Observational Research Project


Aug 5, 2010 Am packing for my trip.

Need food for a week (plus we are advised to take extra in case return boat journey is delayed).

Need waterproofs for the journey. Also weather forecast doesn’t look promising. Warm clothes for a week. No laundry facilities and weather looks like handwashing/outdoor drying won’t be an option next week.

Video camera. Sound recorder. Mic (though no Dougal – might be a problem) Digital camera. SLR & lenses. Tripod. Lots of batteries charged up, though quite sure there will be not enough for the whole week.

Binoculars. Bird book.

Am also looking forward to this: “Manx Shearwaters are extremely noisy at their colonies after dark, calling to their mates to ensure they return to the correct burrow. The darker the night the more cacophonous the sound – a most wonderful experience for those lucky enough to experience it first hand by staying on the Island” – and perfect it’s a new moon. May need earplugs!

Plus side: No elec light = no light pollution. Just in time for the perseids and the aurora hopefully! Now just need one clear night! 😀

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