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» Outline Deadline Môn i Enlli
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Bardsey Island Observational Research Project

Outline Deadline

Sep 12, 2010. I still have no phone line. So much for third time lucky. Yes the engineer has stood me up like an ugly prom date THREE times. I’m wondering whether it’s ever going to happen now.

On the plus side I’m getting quite a lot of writing done. And sketching. And photography. I am definitely in the creative phase.

But the creative phase must eventually be tempered by the administrative phase. This is when the artistic product gets edited, sent out, sold, accounted for. All the things that I’m not doing are administrative. Uploading photos, videos, sounds, sketches to this blog (oops sorry! I will get to it!!), making posts in the forum (which is now a requirement, tricky), keeping track of when things are due.

The block that I have right now is not creative. It is in facing reality. Getting on with the routine stuff of life. Normally I can follow my own flow of creativity vs administration, doing what I want when the mood strikes me. Right now I must move back to the administrative and fast. The script report looms and really I have not given it as much time and thought as I should have. (I don’t like the script and really I can’t see that it would ever have gotten as far as a company being sufficiently interested in it to get a reader to write a report on it. I want to pass on it straight off the bat so I can move on to something more interesting, more credible, more viable.)

But first this week the deadline for submitting the outline looms. This is the first official glimpse of the story that came out of the observational research on Bardsey. I have it written but I’d wanted to add so much more to it before submitting it. I knew I’d never be able to submit a full draft. That is going to take so much time and craft – that I may or may not possess. This is mainly because some of the scenes are so short – just flashes even – and yet they are needed for the story because the point is to be descriptive of the arena. They take time on the page to describe and yet last a second.

I keep thinking about the one minute per page rule that we are supposed to stick to. When I think about Kieslowski‘s insistence in Three Colours Blue that the sugarcube takes five seconds to soak up the sugar, not six not eight, I wonder if he hadn’t been a writer-director how he would have written that on the page. Could he have written it so that it took up one twelfth of a page of writing? This is the conundrum. We are told to watch certain films because they are good examples. But they are not good examples of screenwriting. They are mainly auteurs – writer/directors. Do they ever need to produce a script that follows the one minute per page rule? Or do they just say this is my vision, this is what I am going to do?


And the vast majority of the scripts that you can download are the shooting scripts – the timings that come way later, after someone has bought the script and invested lots of time and money in it. It’s not the raw, descriptive, inspirational document that SELLS the script in the first place.

Questions, again. Only questions.

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