Case Torture Testing Filming & Editing

July 26th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

The case testing posts have finally gone live on Adrian’s Hardware 2.0 blog on ZDNet.  They’ve been a good few weeks work but as usual it was a lot of fun. 

video screenshot from the cutting room floorAs usual I had the honor of doing the filming.  The cliff drops were very cool as I got to watch the cases crash (and sometimes break), not to mention throwing big rocks up at me and digging themselves into the ground.  I had setup on the beach and was already to go when the video camera conked.  Luckily I had a low res digital that takes video which I was able to substitute in time for the testing to start.  It only took a few test drops to get the positioning right and then we were away. 

Adrian thought he was doing the hard work throwing the cases off the cliff but really I had the hard job running the cameras down below and recording the condition of the cases on landing.  When he finally came down to the beach he was amazed (horrified? impressed?) how close I was filming to the impact area.  Then when he saw the footage and some of the boulders getting chucked up I think he thought I was nuts.  But I knew I was well protected and, according to my math at least, sufficient distance away to be out of harm’s way. Personally I’d been more worried by the crush tests (as you can never tell if something’s going to give under the weight and it’s hard to predict which way a car is going to move if that happens).

The next round was more usual stuff … fire and explosions.  We’re still not quite finished with the testing – I won’t be happy until I know exactly what it takes to destroy those cases.  I’d kinda like the Storm Case im2050 to survive. I’m impressed and sort of attached to it by now…  We actually have a wager between us whether or not it will be destroyed in the final round.  I’m betting that it won’t be (after all I’ve seen how that thing performs first hand!) which is especially good because as usual if it survives I get to keep it AND for once he’s going to buy me a new one as well. (Hey I wonder if Hardigg make a pink one??) 

But if I win the wager and I do get a new one I’m definitely going to drag it along behind my car for a bit – I like that roughed up look.  Well, they say chicks dig scars – even on Storm Cases!


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