Missing Fun coz you’re Locked Down? Here are some Coaching Tips!

January 9th, 2021 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

The message – indeed the law in the UK – is stay at home. For those of us who aren’t key workers this is clear and simple. It means we can’t take a holiday, go on a shopping spree or take a hike in the mountains. And that is sad and stifling and depressing, and for some, isolating and lonely. So how can we keep ourselves and our interests afloat?

As a coach my role is often to help people prepare to do things they can’t do. In that process we spend a lot of time figuring out what aspects of it appeal to them. We focus on visualising those aspects and getting really familiar with the elements of it, the sensations, the emotions, the memories or the expectations of the experience. In many ways we do them without doing them.

So at home in this pandemic, how can we do the things without actually doing those things? Here are some tips:

  • Be brave. People are often afraid to think about what they want but can’t have for fear of feeling disappointed. But disappointment is just a feeling like any other. It will pass quite quickly, as all emotions do if we allow ourselves to experience them without giving them the fuel of thinking about them.
  • look at your old photos, videos and souvenirs of the last time you went to that place.
  • Or if it’s something or somewhere new you haven’t experienced before then taking a virtual trip can be amazing. If I am having a virtual vacation I tend to start with Wikipedia and find out about the transport links. Figure out the steps to get there. Look at journey times and flight stats. Then I tend to hit Google. Maps and hotels and attractions you might like to visit. What is the history of that place?
  • if it’s an activity I am visualising, start by researching in the same way. Find out lots of detail. Save a file or fill in a notebook. Get serious about this activity. Then sit down in a comfortable position and let your imagination go … 🏔 🛶 🏍 🏄‍♂️
  • Bring out your playfulness. You had it when you were a child. Well it hasn’t gone anywhere. This is as good a time as any to let it free. As children we can let our imaginations run free, whether that is by pretending or playing dress up or building a fort out of the sofa cushions. Who is going to see you? I hereby give you permission to spend the day pretending you’re zapping aliens, cycling the Tour de France on your exercise bike, boating on an imaginary lake (sofa cushions again are good for this!) in front of a documentary on kayaking the fjords. Play!!!!! If not now, when????? Bring your inner child out to play!!
  • Dress the part. What would you wear if you were there? If it’s not something you already have then go window shopping online. Put your printer and scissors to work to make paper cutouts of the clothes. Get creative!
  • What equipment might you take? Can you prep your kit for when you use it again? Maybe that means sorting out your camping kit, backpack or finding your hiking socks.
  • Learn a new skill. There is so much online learning available. You might just be well on the way to having a new skill by the time you can get out there for real again!
  • Even more bravery! Yes yes I get it, sitting in your bathtub in your snorkel might feel a bit silly. But that’s the point! Have a laugh. Make it fun. Take a selfie and post it online so we can all join in the fun. We take ourselves far too seriously these days. And sharing how you are coping will inspire others to find new ways to cope too. So be brave and give yourself and others the gift of seeing the wonderful playful, creative, zany, passionate YOU!!!

Have fun!

[And PLEASE stay home. And if you must go out PLEASE keep at least two metres from other people, wear a mask, wash your hands often, sanitise regularly, keep the room ventilated, and please please please don’t go into other people’s homes.]b

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