How do I make my blog work for me?

September 2nd, 2010 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Very often I get asked how to set up a blog, what to talk about, and inevitably how to get to the top of Google. This is a subject that I’ve been writing and teaching about for years. These days however I’m getting asked this by a whole new set of people. These are often people who don’t really want to be bloggers – they just know they need to blog in order to play the social media game to publicize their book, their movie, their band or whateveritis they’ve done. They don’t have time to learn about blogging – they need answers fast

Now my first reply is to ask what you mean by getting to the top of Google. What do you want the Google user to have searched for to find you? Your name? The name of your product? The title of your book? Your movie? whatever-it-is. This usually stumps people. Invariably they’ve typed in their name into Google and what they really want out of SEO is to get to themselves to the top of the listings for their name. Changing your name is the only option if your name is a common one (short of inventing a time machine to go back and get your parents to give you a more unique first name, with a possible second temporal journey to get your mother to choose a man with a more unique last name). Most people do something important or become famous in another way then their name will jump right to the top ahead of all those other Smiths and Joneses.

Find me on Google

But what if I need my blog to help me get there?

So now you are past the fixation with getting  your name into Google, let’s get back to getting what ever it is you do into the search engines. Well, unlike your given name, you have more control over what you name your film, your book, your band or your album. For goodness sake before you give your project a title, Google it! Check it out on who is to see if the domain name is available.

Think about the words that you choose – are they search engine friendly? Very common every day phrases will take longer to get to the top. If you type the word ‘movie’ in as well as your title, Google will pick up on this much quicker. Remembering to use the keyword ‘movie’ however is difficult. Many people worry about stuffing keyword meta tags into all their webpages. My take on this is a little bit different. This is partly because I’ve created a LOT of websites over the last fifteen years. In the early days it was pretty darn easy to get to the top. These days it’s inevitably harder. Everyone is writing, blogging, tweeting. It can seem so much more daunting when you’re starting out.  Stuffing meta tags ain’t gonna help much!

It’s all too easy to get bogged down worrying about your keywords or getting the right theme rather than doing THE most important thing for your site and your project which is to:


If your site has no content it has nothing. You are not going to get anywhere in the rankings until you’ve surmounted the problem of an empty site.

But even more importantly than search engines, PEOPLE love content. So start writing, start Tweeting. Share a link to every post you write on your Facebook page, email a link to your Mom, anything and everything to get it out there.

Remember, content is king. So get writing! Good luck!

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