Oblivion? I’m oblivious to all else!

May 10th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for PCI’ve been playing the latest Elder Scrolls game Oblivion for the past few days.  Yes I know the weekend was 3 days ago and I’m supposed to be working now, but it’s just that it’s a hard game to stop thinking about. 

One of my kids called it ‘Oblivious’ and the name’s rather stuck because I must admit I am pretty much oblivious to everything else right now.  I’m just not bothered about  work, or that I have chapters due next week, or event blogging for that matter.  I was barely that excited when a box got delivered this morning containing a whole bunch of copies of  my new book Building Forums with vBulletin … and let’s face it normally I’d be signing a copy for the FedEx guy!  (But … and I  have to add this before my editor comes over and confiscates my Oblivion disks …  it is a really good book for newbie vBulletin webmasters, and you really should go buy it!)

I was new to Oblivion (until I learned of it from Dan Ackerman back when he linked to the history of the scrolls video) so I have no clue whether the previous 3 versions of the game were this cool to play … but I’ve got to say that I am really impressed.  I love the first person nature of the game and it is such a beautiful and totally immersive experience that it can be pretty hard to let go of. Yesterday I was walking down the street (real world, not virtual) and finding myself glancing at flowers in people’s hedges and wondering if they have healing properties or cure fatigue. Then I realized I was peering into people’s faces as they went past to see if they wanted to talk to me.  I even find myself swaying from side to side when I’m talking to people now and I keep expecting a little red hand to appear in front of items in the supermarket. 

Help me!  Just like the crew of Red Dwarf I’m trapped in a game and I suspect it might be better than life! Well, better than work anyway…

Building Forums with vBulletin

Building Forums with vBulletin is available from Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Barnes & Noble and all good bookshops.

More info about the book will appear in Kingsley-Hughes.com’s books section  … once I’ve completed the Oblivion quest where I catch the gang who stole Gogan’s pants!

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