IE 7 get ready

October 11th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Just fixing a few things ready for IE7 which should start being automatically delivered to us all via Windows update any time now. Think about it, switch on your PC in the morning and it silently upgrades while you go make coffee (herbal tea in my case, but once IE7’s out I may be back on the hard stuff in no time!). Imagine your surprise when you come back and find that the world looks slightly wrong and websites you use all the time, including your own, don’t work quite right. If like me, you haven’t been running the beta (“too big, too scary”) and have been avoiding thinking about whether everything works in IE7 or not, then this day has probably come around rather suddenly! Picked a helluva day to quit drinking coffee … šŸ˜•

Apparently this is due to happen any day now as Microsoft’s update servers fell over for yesterday’s patch Tuesday … so I’m guessing that with supreme irony or forshadowning we’ll start to see this roll this out the day after tomorrow or Friday the 13th.

Is that an omen? :mrgreen:

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