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October 12th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

I’m on the verge of uninstalling Bitdefender Internet Security 10 for good after having problems with it for the last month.  Adrian posted previously about my Bitdefinder problem and I’ve been very patient with Bitdefender tech support, but I’m now getting to the point where I’m ready to give up and ask for my money back. 

The problems include:

  • Ridiculously slow file accesses – this means that whenever I try to look at a file (for example a small .jpg image file sitting on my desktop) it will take around 15 to 20 seconds to be able to a) preview the file in Windows XP b) alt-return to get the file properties. For network accesses this can be as long as 2 minutes the first time I access a resource since reboot!
  • Even more ridiculously long file save – if I type the words ‘Bitdefender sucks’ into notepad and save it will take 40 seconds before the icon appears on my desktop and control (not just of notepad but of my whole PC) is returned to me.
  • Send to takes an age!  Normally I use send to constantly, but in the last few weeks I’ve given up using it altogether.  Of course I still try to use it compulsively by right clicking and hovering over send to for just a split second before I realize that I shouldn’t have done that.  Some 30 seconds will go by before I can do anything with my PC again and who cares about a send to after 30 seconds? I’ve already gone off to make a cup of tea. 
  •   Deleting a file – just forget it.  You’d be quicker trying to sniff the ones and zeros off the hard drive!

Initially, I liked Bitdefender because its memory/CPU footprint is not so huge as running Norton AV and Zone Alarm.  Trouble is what’s the point of having a fast bit of software if it slows you down at every turn.  If I’d wanted a PC this slow I’d go back to using the one I had 5 years ago.

I’ve actually developed strange ways of getting things done quickly, for example if I want to delete a file off my desktop I open a remote desktop connection to my laptop and use that to delete the file.  It’s much quicker – even though my laptop is situated in a different room, and it’s not even switched on!

So Bitdefender I think you’ve had your chance.  I was really hopeful that these problems could be solved and that tech support would come to my rescue.  But after several emails back and forth and a long wait, they only came back with a couple of suggestions for setting changes that might (but didn’t) fix the problem. They don’t want to admit that it’s a bug. I’m seeing the same problem with Bitdefender 10 on multiple PCs, so it can’t be just my problem. 

Have you had the same problem? Send me an email … who knows maybe they’ll listen if more than just one person – albeit one with lots of PCs – has the same problem!!

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16 Responses to “Bitdefender10 Problem”

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    […] I’m still on the search for security tools since my Bitdefender 10 problems.  For anti-virus I’m back on my old Norton AV subscription at least for the few weeks remaining while my search for the best AV continues.  […]

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  4. BitDefender off my recommend list » The PC Doctor Says:

    […] If you want the background to this story then I suggest that you read what Kathie has written about it (here , here  and here ) – the short version of the story is that we installed BitDefender Internet Security 10 on two separate PCs and had similar problems with both (problems which went away upon uninstalling BitDefender Internet Security 10), we contacted tech support and received little feedback (a few requests for more info, requests to tweak settings, that kinda thing) but then the support dried up and emails weren’t being replied to.  Out last official communication with BitDefender was to ask for a refund.  That was weeks ago.  No reply.  No refund.  No resolution.  Nothing. […]

  5. ralf Says:

    constant error messages!

  6. Woody Says:

    Exactly the same problems and here we are some five months after you reported them to BitDefender.

    Pity I didnt see this blog before I bought the licenses.

    I’ll be switching to Kaspersky and Mcafee, not with out their own problems but nothing on the scale of this junk.

    The software sucks, stay away !!!!!

  7. Jeff G Says:

    I’ve had similiar problems, and MORE. The virus program continues to insist that several files on my computer contain viruses, and moves them to quarantine every time I run the program. I’ve used practically every virus suite that I know of, and Bit Defender is the first to label these files as viruses. One of the programs is the old “Leak Test” which tested firewalls back in the days when firewalls weren’t all that good. When I contacted BitDefender, they demanded that I send them all files and programs so they can investigate. They will not tell me how to get the virus program to ignore these files. I believe BitDefender is so poorly engineered, that it has NO ability to ignore anything I ask it to. Plus its Spam filter identifies good e-mail as Spam, even after numerous attempts to let it know this is NOT spam, and that this is a Friend. I found 8 friendly e-mails in the spam folder today, and the craziest thing is I can only move them to my “In” folder one at a time, and then only by opening each one separately. This program is has been dumbed down like Windows OneStep. Thanks, Jeff

  8. Myles J. Swift Says:

    This thing does not work. I get local applications programs locking up. Active desktop locks up. I have to reboot it every hour or two to maintain any kind of response.

    These guys have no business selling this outside of a controlled corporate environment with a full time tech staff.

    I’ve sent in 4 emails to tech support and gotton 1 response that failed to make any progress.

    Maybe enough credit card chargebacks will wake them up.

  9. Dan Says:

    I have BD 10 and my problem with it is that when I switch profiles the shield will sometimes fail to load so if I or another user aren’t paying attemtion, we can be surfing the web with no protection. They claim that other anti-spyware software I have loaded is causing the problem but I am not so sure. . .Anyone else have this?

  10. Chris Says:

    wow, i’m still using version 9 and it’s great, I was thinking about upgrading to 10 but not anymore after reading all this…

  11. Paul Says:

    I’m close to uninstalling Bitdefender from my new Dell with Vista Home Premium. I’m not technical enough to understand exactly what is going on but today’s error on starting Outlook worried me “There was a serious error when activating the Bitdefender add-in last time do I want to disable it permanently”.

    Sometimes Bitdefender stops working and all of the suite gets turned of – a restart cures it.

    It feels ropey to me where can I find the bug list for V10 on Vista or should I just kiss goodby to the 2 year license (after 3 months) and buy a better product?

  12. Freddie Says:

    Same as the above problems…continually runs without shields on Virus,Spyware,Firewall etc. I, like all the others, contacted to no avail..not even a suggestion as to what could be the problem. Even went to the Forum and ‘spoke’ to Ryan……….His job is to b******* and postpone the problem until he is off watch!
    I found rather than Un-installing/Re-installing, I just return it via a ‘System restore’ point to an earlier configuration that worked….This has been successful each time (roughly 20 times).Until I restart the computer and Bitdefender programmes have not lopened! Surely, collectively, we can do something about this wretched software..Why did it work so well for a year! was it something we said?

  13. Youssef Says:

    After reading good reviews about Bitdefender a year ago I bought it and have been using Bitdefender 9 for nearly a year. Suddenly, it failed to start and my laptop is nearly useless since any simple task e.g. right-hand mouse click, open any application takes forever working on the PC became a total waste of time … nearly the whole laptop is not functioning. No meaningful error messages was provided by Bitdefender. From what I read in the net, I felt that their support will not help solve the problem especially when my computer is nearly dead. Luckily, I cam across a tool to uninstall it. That wa a releif. Now my computer works normal. I installed a different Antivirus which I am happy with. Very bad from experience. Never again to use or recommend Bitdefender what version it is.

  14. Hardware 2.0 mobile edition Says:

    […] Also, is it me or does security software for the Mac command a premium price?  Norton Antivirus 10 for the Mac sells for $69.95; compare that to Norton Antivirus 2008 for Windows which is only $39.99.  That seems awfully steep to me.  It’s also interesting to see products such as Intego VirusBarrier Dual Protection which comes with antivirus for both Mac and Windows in one box.  Shame the Windows AV solution is BitDefender.  Did I ever tell you our BitDefender story?  Let me summarize it for you – pain, pain and more pain. […]

  15. Barry Marx Says:

    Well, I am having all sorts of problems with BD2008 Suite. It let Zob get in to my laptop, I ended up with 5 different dummy Virus Protection programs telling me I was infected and that I should pay for a download to clean the system. I ran BD and it came up with ZERO threatrs. I ran a trial Norton and it identified 16 major threats and 126 other serious faults. 5 days later I still can’t get a response from BD. They came back initially and asked me to send them some data…then silence. I have a two year two PC program. Like others I too have white-list emails going to the dump file – newsletters from BBC, Prairie Home Companion etc tec., no matter how many times I tell my BD proram they are “friends” it keeps happening. As well, I have random emails from friends being dumped, two identical messages from the same source— one went to In Box the other to Deleted. I am starting to think BitDefender is a Gypsy rip-off from the back streets of Bucharest

  16. Madashell Says:

    BD 2009 AV locks everything up on my laptop with Vista Home Premium. I tried 3 times and all 3 times it locked the laptop up. I contacted BD they wanted me to install some files and send a snapshot. I should not have to do this if their software is compatible with Vista. I asked for a refund and have heard nothing.

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