Halloween Vista Pictures

October 27th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Here are some images I designed for Hardware 2.0 over on ZDNet today, with the remit of combining a halloween theme with the current licensing issues for the next version of Microsoft Windows, Vista. 

It wasn’t a hard remit and as I’m one of what they rather quaintly call ‘enthusiasts’ – people who build their own PC and/or upgrade it regularly – I am particularly incensed that, where as I could move my copy of Windows XP Professional onto as many PCs as I’ve wanted  (I think I’ve had three PCs during the lifetime of XP) as things are shaping up with the new Vista licensing agreement, I would now have needed a new license before I could move onto the third PC.  

There is also some question as to whether the numerous graphics, network and sound cards as well as changing hard disks multiple times would most likely have triggered the need for a new license had I been using Vista over the last five years.  At the moment under XP when I’ve changed something a new activation is required and this generally happens via the web. Occasionally, I’ve had to phone the activation line to be reinstated by some very bored sounding – but pleasant – lady in India.  Given the new license agreements, I wonder if she’ll be quite so pleasant!! 

I really hope Microsoft change their mind about this.  Their excuse seems to be that there aren’t many of us folks who buy a copy of their Operating System separate from buying their PC.  Well I haven’t bought a PC for many years, preferring to build my own (trust me folks, it ain’t that hard!) so buying Windows separately has always been a necessity for me.  But just because I’m not in the majority, shouldn’t mean that I don’t count!  And having always been very loyal to Windows and to Microsoft, especially having spent a great deal of my time on beta testing Vista,  I’m more than a little bit hurt to be discounted in this way.


This one wasn’t good enough to go up but I thought I’d share it here…

Happy Halloween!

Updated to add: The problems with the EULA seemed to have been resolved now. Yey!

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