Hide Norton Phishing Filter in IE7

December 5th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Since I’ve been trialing Norton Internet Security 2007 I’ve run with the phishing filter part of it switched off because it put a big banner across the top of my browser.
Norton's phishing filter banner in IE7

The banner takes up a lot of screen real estate plus I don’t think I really need it.  (I don’t tend to click on links in email and its only function is to check that the site I think is Amazon.com is not really a known fake phishing site pretending to be Amazon. It doesn’t for example check that Amazon.com really resolves out to Amazon’s IP address. Also it tends to throw up false positives with some advertisers with embedded links within web pages.)  But I think the main reason for disabling the phishing filter is because I prefer to start my browser with a blank home page and the phishing filter’s opinion of Internet Explorer’s ‘About:blank’ page makes an unwelcoming start to the day:
Norton Phishing Filter alert banner in IE7

Norton Protection Center - At riskThat is just annoying!  The only solution I’d found was to disable the Phishing Filter in the settings, but running with it disabled has the drawback that Norton shows the alert icon Norton System Tray Alert in the system tray and the big scary alert shown at left in the progam’s control panel. 

Also I occasionally need to switch off parts of the program in the course of my work, and I do rely on the alert in the system tray to remind me to switch it back on again when I’m finished.  But running without the entire package enabled means that this is always showing red and hence I’ve caught myself out a few times now without antivirus running. 

Luckily it is possible to have the phishing filter enabled but hide the Norton toolbar showing in Internet Exporer 7. Here’s how:

Click the Internet Explorer 7 Tools Tools button, then select ‘Toolbars’ and check ‘Show Norton Toolbar’. 

Internet Explorer 7 | Tools | Toolbars | uncheck Show Norton Toolbar

This lets you get rid of the phishing filter from the top of the page as well as showing the green Norton Protection Center icon in the system tray.

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27 Responses to “Hide Norton Phishing Filter in IE7”

  1. neal Says:

    ty very much.
    this has been very helpfull to me.

  2. Matthew Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I just installed it found that bar very annoying.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Many thanks for your tip. I was struggling to find
    where the ‘Toolbar’ setting option was in IE7! And now I know!

  4. James Says:

    A million praises to you…
    I am in a situation where I have to use this product, and I was stuck with that gaudy norton toolbar or the permanent red warning…your solution saves the day!

  5. Kevin Says:


  6. Gene Says:

    I stopped using IE 7 because of that banner. Thanks.

  7. Patrick J. Chladek Says:

    I too am running Internet Explorer 7 and Norton Internet Security 2007, and that pesky green “Fraud monitoring is on? is driving me crazy. I tried the fix you suggested, but to no avail. When I pull down the “Toolbars? sub menu, all of the options are in bold face black except for “Show Norton Toolbar? which is in light grey and is unchecked. The “Status Bar? and “Lock the Toolbars? options are both checked. I do not have a “Google? option on my list. Checking and un-checking the “Status Bar? and “Lock the Toolbars? options seems to have no effect on my ability to try and influence the “Show Norton Toolbar?. As you can tell, I am not a very sophisticated used, but I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide, Norton keeps giving me useless information. I’m about to put a strip of back tape on my monitor. Thanks again. Patrick.

  8. Bill Says:

    Great… got rid of that annoying toolbar!

  9. Gerry Beauregard Says:

    Re. 7 from Patrick, I had exactly the same problem: the “Show Norton Toolbar” menu item was disabled / greyed-out 🙁

    But I figured out how to enable the menu item, so that you can then uncheck it as described above. OK, here’s how:

    Go to Start / Control Panel / Internet Options / Programs / Manage Add Ons. Choose “Add-on that have been used by Internet Explorer”.
    Click on “Show Norton Toolbar”, then click the Enable radio button.
    (Alternatively you could go to Tools / Manage Add-Ons in IE itself)
    You’ll then need to quit and restart Internet Explorer.

    Then follow instructions as per the original posting above.

  10. Bubba Says:

    Awww! My good friend! You solved a very annoying problem. Norton 360 Help file was of no use. Symantec? Please listen to the feedback and make the an INSTALL OPTION in your upgrades!!! You’ll piss off fewer people.

  11. Phil Says:

    Thanks to the original poster and to Patrick and Gerry for their contributions. I am THIS close to booting out Norton/Symantec – it’s always been such a bullying suite of software. Symantec’s Winfax was the same – once installed it makes everything go its own way – like a cukoo in the nest! Rant complete! Thanks again

  12. ann Says:

    hi i actulay want to get the toolbar you all want to get rid of , how do i get it on my computer i am running norton 2007 and explorer 7 bu it wont work ????????

  13. Jason Says:

    Thanks for that! And thanks to Gerry as well!

  14. Jason Says:

    Whoops, nevermind. Doesn’t work for me because I’m using IE6.

  15. Emilio Says:

    Norton Internet Security 2008’s toolbar is dock-able and resize-able – the small size is about 2 inches long. It shows “Norton Authenticated” sites as well as blocking phish sites. All Norton Internet Security 2007 users with a valid subscription can upgrade to NIS 2008 for free, which should solve your toolbar problem.

  16. KenG Says:

    Thanks much Gerry – seems Norton would listen enough to their customers to make a right click option

  17. Narayan Says:

    Hi, I’he got a problem that when I open any of website then before getting opened it displays a small room of phishing filter and asks that – Norton internet security is not currently your default phishing filter. Would you like to make it your default phishing filter ?
    …Don’t ask the question again.

    Yes No

    In this case what can I do ?what can I opt ? yes or no.Its been a problem for a long time .

  18. Kathie Says:

    You can only have one phishing filter set to be default. Do you want the Norton one to be your default or the other one that you have?

    If you want it to stay as Norton then select Yes and tick ‘Don’t ask the question again’.

    If you want it to stay as whatever program you are using at the moment then select No and tick ‘Don’t ask the question again’ so that it doesn’t keep doing this checking. If you don’t want Norton’s phishing filter running follow the instructions above to disable it.

    Hope you figure it out. These things can be very tedious – especially when they keep asking us again and again!

  19. IA Says:

    Why can’t Norton just make it all transparent? Thanks folks! Very much appreciated.

  20. Andrew Says:

    My phishing filter is enabled but Norton still says its not. If I click ‘Fix It’ nothing happens. I’ve tried closing and reopening IE7 and restarting the computer to no avail. I hope to get an answer on this or I will have to remove Norton 360, thanks!

  21. mures Says:

    Many thanks to the poster of this note and to Gerry! This is the last Norton product I buy, but at least I can now live with it until the licence runs out!

  22. whocares Says:

    That is good only for that instance of IE. Open another browser (not a tab) and you will have to do the same thing. Or, when rebooting, there it is AGAIN.

    I need to disable it permanently and I’ll re-enable it if needed.

  23. Kaylee Says:

    Thank you so much that big green bar was really a distraction and giving me a headache!!!! But now its hidden and I am happy and headache free, at least for now anyway LOL.

  24. Taleb Says:


  25. pearly Says:

    i too have this problem with Norton,and found Norton downright hard to install,was asked do want to make norton default phishing i said no but it just did it anyway,got rid of the tool bar..thanks

  26. trin Says:

    You’re a genius! i have just spent hours sifting through the norton community section to work out how to turn my banner back on after it dissapeared a week ago, all i had to do was follow your instructions backwards, thank you

  27. chapman it Says:

    i had a similar problem, but with IE8. IE8 disabled the filter on each start, but disabling the filter caused an error. finally fixed it by:

    going to start >> Norton Internet Security >> NIS Settings

    and disabling (turning off) the phishing filter…which helped, but gave me a similarly annoying ‘exclamation’ ‘!’ in place of the ‘x’. after that, when i clicked on the status by the phishing filter, it gave me a new option to ‘ignore’ which prevented the ‘x’ or the ‘!’ warnings…then i turned on the ie8 smartscreen filter (security >> …) so I still had phishing protection.

    hope this helps someone!

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