Adrian wants an iPod

December 5th, 2006 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Apple 8 GB iPod Nano BlackOh my God, Adrian asked for an iPod for Christmas! He even put it in his ZDNet blog …  after he’s been so anti all things Apple for so long.  Our daughter wanted to get an iPod a while back but he talked her out of it (she got an Archos XS202S instead that died after a few weeks).  I never thought he’d be a convert.  I can see his reasoning though wanting it to work with audio books from Audible.  I’m still angry that my Creative Zen Touch doesn’t support books.  And I still don’t know why they don’t support it as they support other Zens.  Even the online petition didn’t help to convince them.

I’ve been asked several times whether Adrian will get his iPod for Christmas … well I’d like to tell you but that would spoil the surpise!  (But all the referrals from ZDNet are certainly helping my cursor towards ‘Add to cart’! )

Happy Christmas shopping everyone – only twenty online shopping days left!

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