Family History destroyed by flooding!

January 9th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Remember chromatography in high school?  I got a wet surprise when I reached for a pile of papers on my desk … Adrian’s water-cooled PC has spung a leak.  Everything’s soggy, and it’s not just water either; it’s coolant, which is so much better at leaching out every last drop of ink from every sheet of paper leaving only a giant blue smear.  Unfortunately it was a pile of mixed paperwork, containing everything from contracts to website design plans. Never mind, at least I have an excuse not to do any work now!

The only downer is that my entire family history back to 1776 has returned to the murky smudge it was before I started my research. (And to my second cousin twice removed, sorry Neil I’ve only got your email address after the @ now …  )

Oh well.  At least his PC didn’t catch fire… I have had my concerns about the sense in putting liquid inside a PC so it’s nice to know that the only thing that resulted from a leak was only a rather icky mess to clear up (the stuff feels horrible on your fingers).

Right, I’m back to work building a little dam out of modelling clay in case there’s another high tide any time soon …

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