To Vista and back again … creating an image file

February 22nd, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Buy from this link and get a 10% discount by quoting DOC-0UW2 I took some time moving to Windows Vista last month only to move straight back to XP again.  I’m fickle like that!

It was exciting to have Vista running on my main PC, but I can’t say that it went without incident.  Mainly it was due to laziness on my part  as I didn’t bother to remove my Hauppauge WinTV card before installing Vista and this caused me a lot of problems as there was no compatible driver available yet.  I thought it wouldn’t be a problem – I just wouldn’t be able to use the card, no biggie. Not so! So I decided to leave it for a few more weeks before making my move to Vista (my thinking at the time was that by the time Vista was available to the general public at the end of January Hauppauge would hopefully have released the drivers.  No such luck, as it turns out! D’oh!)

Creating an image

Anyway the point of this post is that because I had created an image of my system disk it was easy enough for me to go back to XP and pick up where I left off.

If you too have purchased Vista but aren’t 100% certain you’re ready to commit just yet it’s a good idea to backup your system first. Like me, you can then easily revert if you find any of your essential hardware or software isn’t ready for Vista yet.

Question: “How do you make an image?” To create an image I used Acronis True Image to create an image of my system drive which was saved onto a Maxtor external hard disk.

Acronis True Image - create an image of your system

Acronis True Image - progress create image

When I was ready to go back to XP I simply restored this image onto my system drive.

Acronis True Image - Restore an image

What to buy?

When will I try again to go up to Vista on my main PC?

Soon. I’m beginning to wonder if Hauggauge aren’t taking this opportunity to get their existing customers to buy new hardware, so perhaps I’ll start shopping around for a new TV card before I go up to Vista. 

Either way it won’t be too much longer … unless I change my mind again!

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3 Responses to “To Vista and back again … creating an image file”

  1. ^..^ Says:

    do I have to have an external hard drive to do this?

  2. Kathie Says:

    No not at all.

    CD or DVD – You can also use a CD or DVD although I doubt you could fit an image of your operating system and data onto a single DVD so you may need to use a few but does tell you first how many you are likely to need.

    Hard Disk – If you have a second internal hard drive in your PC you could use that, although if there’s data on that drive that you want to backup you wouldn’t be able to write to the same drive as the data is stored on. Having said that you can write to a secure partition on the same drive, see below.

    Acronis Secure Zone – You can also save to a secure zone partition which Acronis can create on your hard drive for you. This partition cannot be accessed by the file system so is secure from accidental erasure, operating system crash and at least some viruses. (This doesn’t however protect against data loss due to failure of the hard drive – so that’s an important consideration in choosing this method.) If you want to restore from the secure zone you hit F11 during bootup.

  3. ^..^ Says:

    Thank you!

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