I got the ‘No RSS’ blues …

February 25th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Has anyone else noticed themselves getting a sort of ‘sad feeling’ when you visit a website that you think is cool only to find that it has no RSS feed.  And no blog.  And there is no forum.  No mailing list.  No dates that show when it was last updated?  Gah!  It could have been here for eons! I have no idea how relevant this stuff is …!

Favorites fear – I’m noticing this too more and more with static websites these days.  I am excited at a new find and I go to bookmark the site, or – the highest acolade! – add it to my links list so that it shows at the top of my browser to remind me to go there and I realize that there is the risk it will be – shock horror! – exactly the same if I visit it in a couple month’s time. 

Is this just me?

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