May 26th, 2014 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

So I kinda got married.

More of a divorce undo in this case. Same groom different decade. Adi and I retied the knot last week in a very low key ceremony (ten minutes from parking the car to driving off. And no they don’t have drive through wedding chapels in the UK!) This was just short and to the point with the minimum of fuss.

Marrying the same person twice is not for the faint-hearted I must say. I had the biggest case of nerves beforehand! But it all went off well and represented a lot of personal growth and achievement.

Reconciliation is tough! I am the better person for it all and it feels good to have overcome such tough times … and my reward is once again having my best friend and soul mate by my side.

I’m very grateful!!! 🙂

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