Apple Screwup – iCloud Drive & Yosemite

September 22nd, 2014 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Apparently there have been lots of warnings not to hit upgrade on the iCloud drive just yet when you upgrade to iOS 8. So I’ll admit that I am late to the party with this post. When I do a search I see that by and large across the webisphere the warning is widespread and 5 days old (at the time of writing). Unfortunately I didn’t get the message.

Until today… when I was more than a little gobsmacked to get this message when I tried to access my iCloud from my Mac:

iCloud Drive Warning

iCloud Drive Warning – Sorry iCloud Drive isn’t compatible with OS X Mavericks

What the hell is going on???

And there’s nothing like getting the reply from your nearest and dearest “well didn’t you see the warning?

Well yes. Here is a screenshot:

iCloud Drive warning

iCloud Drive warning – Note you will not be able to access documents currently stored in iCloud on the following devices until they are also upgraded to iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite


So yes, yes I did see the warning, but what I didn’t understand was the gravitas of the statement.  What about the warning really presents itself as a problem?? I just assumed my other devices would get upgraded in their turn. What I didn’t think about checking out was WHEN OS X Yosemite was likely to be released for my MacBook.

I mean think about it … iOS 8 was presented to the world at the WWDC Keynote back in June 2014 and Yosemite was announced during that same presentation. It’s a reasonable assumption to make that iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite (10.10) would be released at the same time in the fall of 2014 as promised.

But no. The warning made no mention that the update for the Mac OS wouldn’t be for some time yet.

In fact it may be as late as the end of October 2014 before Yosemite is released.

That’s another FOUR weeks without access to my files. (OK I can access Apple files, created in Apple’s own apps e.g. Pages, Numbers, etc, through, but files saved to iCloud by third party apps can’t be accessed.)

This is a righteous screw up, Apple! Why have you released part but not all of this exciting set up you promised us back in the summer? At least tell us why you released iCloud Drive to iOS 8 users now when you could have just held off until Yosemite is released. Why have you not made more mention of this? I mean, a lot of your customers have multiple Apple products. And many of your customers won’t even know what Yosemite IS when they are faced with the button during the iOS install. Some people will have Macs that won’t be able to upgrade to Yosemite and they will lose access to their iCloud until they purchase new hardware.

All with no explanation.

It’s worse than poorly handled – it’s a giant mess!!

Whatever happened to ‘It just works’ …???

Jeff Goldblum will be spinning in his ironic hipster jeans!!!



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