Turn off IE7’s own RSS Feed Page View

June 1st, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

I received an email today from a Vex Visitor who informed me that Yahoo! doesn’t like my Feedburner link and won’t allow him to add my feed to his MyYahoo! content page.  I’ve found various solutions for this one of which involves clicking on the MyYahoo! chicklet on Feedburner’s RSS page.

Chicklets in Feedburner

However, if you use IE7 RSS Feed pages are displayed in IE7’s own style (see screenshot below).  So Feedburner’s list of other RSS tools and the other chicklets (including the MY Yahoo! button) are mysteriously missing.

IE7 RSS Page

So how do I get rid of this pesky layout and get back to the page I’m supposed to be seeing? 

Luckily it’s quite simple to do.  Click Tools, Internet Options and go to the Content tab.  Under the Feeds section, click the Settings button.  Uncheck the box labelled Turn on feed reading view.

You will probably need to do a ‘hard refresh’ (Ctrl F5) on the page to get it to show the feed page in its unadulterated state.

That allows me to see the MyYahoo options as well as the other tools. Unfortunately My Yahoo!  still doesn’t like my feed!!!

Now … as for why my Feedburner feed doesn’t work on My Yahoo – I haven’t a clue, but I have found that it does it with some Feedburner feeds and not others.  I’ll keep researching this (meanwhile if anyone else knows the reason why, do let me know! Thanks!)

Update: It looks like this was a temporary problem (with Yahoo or with Feedburner, I don’t know) as the Add to My Yahoo feed works OK for me now. Hope that helps!

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