Adventures in Ubuntu!

June 20th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

Last night I installed Ubuntu Feisty Fawn for the first time on a real PC. I’ve been running it virtually for a little while but a test rig freed up so that I could finally have a play! 

I was amazed how easily it installed.  Actually it took me longer to get Nero installed on my Vista PC so that I could burn the ISO to disc than it took to install it.

It quickly found the network and the web without me having to do anything – very impressive.  But having started pretty late last night I was dismayed to see that there were updates to come in once the install was complete.  Should I download the updates or not?  I decided to go ahead anyway figuring I would leave the PC on overnight if necessary, but again Ubuntu impressed me by downloading and installing 60 updates by the time I’d finished brushing my teeth. 

Installing Windows and running Windows Update was never that smooth!

OK so now the work starts.  I have to add that I’m pretty scared at this point.  It’s been a while since I’ve used any kind of command line stuff.  I’m not a newbie with computers by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess I have got lazy.  Why type when you can click??  But anytime you search for anything to do with Linux you always get ‘type this’, ‘type that’ response from forums etc. (No one ever seems to tell you where you type it. Not like if you were, for example, telling a Windows users to do something in Device Manager, you’d first tell them to click Start, Control Panel etc etc to get there. Sure it’s assuming that they don’t know, which they might not appreciate, but it seems a lot friendlier and more welcoming than the Linux world just expecting you to know your way around already!)   So the thought of having to type in lots of command line stuff tomorrow was likely to give me a few nightmares…  

Deep breath. One step at a time. First thing tomorrow I’m going to try playing a CD and a DVD.  Oh and find out what I’m supposed to type this stuff into anyway!

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