IE-HTML Summer ’97 Contest

June 20th, 2007 by Kat Kingsley-Hughes

It’s Midsummer Night’s eve 2007 and it’s just hit me that it makes it ten years since we took part in the IE-HTML Summer 97 contest.  That was a big milestone for me work-wise – and for us as a family too!  Our eldest daughter was on ‘work experience’ with us in the run up to the contest for a project that she had to write up for school.  I think it was her first real taste of working in a team and it was a really fun experience for us all, lots of pressure, time constraints, late nights at the code face – and a lot of laughs. 

The competition – if I recall correctly, and bear in mind it has been ten years! – was to create a website around the theme ‘Midsummer demonstrating the capabilities of Internet Explorer (at that point it was still version 3 – IE4 came out a few months later) and Microsoft was the sponsor.  Client side scripting was still largely in its infancy, as was CSS.  The browser wars were in their early days – the real volleys that caught the developers in the cross-fire didn’t come until IE4/NN4 were released with their varying interpretations of W3C, layers, CSS-P.  This was all pre-standards and frontier territory.  It was workarounds all the way!!

But it was a lot of fun, and very proudly we came joint second, which was incredible among such stiff competition and being as we were very much newbie web developers at that point.  It really was about making the browser do cool stuff.  The impact of DHTML was really still yet to hit us and there were some really fun times ahead.  A lot of late nights and frustrations (that probably go along way to explaining a good many of my wrinkles now!)

Wonders such as AJAX and Ruby on Rails – and web standards for that matter – were just inconceivable.  So much has been achieved!  It has made having a website easy for anyone and everyone.  And that is jsut wondrous. 

But I’ve gotta say that those early – gunslinging – days were fun! And it was all about pushing the boundaries of a new frontier.

Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t progressed much since then, and I know my other half hasn’t as he STILL prefers to layout pages with tables – gah! – rather than CSS.

And a big “Hi” in case anyone else from the competition is also realizing the significance of the day!

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

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  1. PC Doc Says:

    Tables rock!

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