Welcome to Alien of the Day

Hello and welcome to my gallery of aliens. It’s been running for quite a few years starting out as doodles and then moving into 3D and Photoshop creations and acrylics. These days it’s not so much ‘Alien of the day‘ so much as ‘Alien once in a blue moon’. As for the aliens, I do still draw them although they have expanded into monsters and ghosts a lot these days too. I hope you enjoy clicking through the gallery. Feel free to drop me a line on the Contact link. I value feedback!

Goggle-eyed Trypophobopodia


This one was inspired by a photograph taken by my husband. It’s basically a rock face. Sandstone with boulders in it in a cliff by the sea. The sea erodes the sandstone and the boulders fall out ‚Ķ leaving HOLES. Now if you have never heard of trypophobia or you’ve never been afraid of holes, then you probably won’t get this at all. But trust me it’s a real fear and I have it. Gah!

I was doodling a perfectly ordinary alien, well except for the goggle-eyes and pseudopodia, when this photo pops up on my phone – and he talks to me at length about this photo making the sensation of holes even worse! – and then the alien has holes too. Well, only his face really. If I add any more I’ll have nightmares.

This particular terror is clearly an area I must explore further. Face your fears head on, right? But not now. Drawing this evening is strictly a wind-down activity after a long day doing voiceover training. So no exploring my deepest terrors tonight!

Here’s the photo in case you’re interested. If it doesn’t inspire a deep sense of dread and disgust in you, congratulations, you are not a trypophobe!image

Scalien Cover Girl

Scalien Cover Girl

Why oh why do I keep drawing aliens with scales? I wanted to give this one the full 3D render treatment but ugh all those scales to map. I shall save that for another time!

For now you have this month’s cover girl of Sunspot¬†Magazine. And isn’t she a beauty? Have you ever seen such nasal flanges? I bet they make you want to get your wibblers out and slather her larvae nest. But you’ll have to wait as Miss Rheobatrachus is already expecting her first brood, which she will be regurgitating in the murk ponds of the moon of Eungella in springtime.

Giger Tribute


So many of the alien sketches I’ve drawn over the years were inspired by the late H R Giger who died this month.

This is a photograph taken of some dry ice mist and an action figure of the original creature from the first Alien film. Designed by Giger, it remains one of his most iconic and terrifying creations.

He will be remembered.