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Bardsey Island Observational Research Project

2013 The Sequel

Well I was right. The kids didn’t come with us. We were going to be on this island this time without them. I was quite worried as I boarded the boat this time. I was even a little sad. What would it be like with just the two of us? How would the kids get on at home without us? We weren’t going to be able to get back if they needed us and depending on the weather we might not even be able to phone them. We needn’t have worried. They got on fine. They even managed to send post at the end of the first week with supplies that I’d forgotten and a few goodies in case we’d run out of snacks. Food did get a bit short towards the end of the second week, but we were just fine for snacks. As it happened we were happily making trips to the little farm shop each day and buying flapjacks and cans of ginger beer. Little luxuries that we hadn’t indulged in so much on previous trips. It was nice.

We took turns cooking and it all ran pretty smoothly. Adrian took thousands of photographs and quite a bit of time lapse.

We had picnics and sat up nights listening to the Manx sheer waters and doing night photography.

I got a fair bit of writing done too. It seems like my writing mojo has returned and the ideas are flowing faster than I can write them down. Bardsey magic is magic!!

The weather wasn’t too bad. We had fires in the evening in the log burner. We photographed seals and helicopters and Adrian got some fabulous shots of the Milky Way.

All in all it was a fabulous trip. Thanks again Bardsey!


2013 part 2 helicopter


2013 pt2 mountain view

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