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Bardsey Island Observational Research Project

Carreg Bach 2014

Carreg Bach

Carreg Bach

Had a wonderful nine days on Bardsey in early May. The crog loft cottage Carreg Bach came available at the last minute and we decided to go.  This quaint cottage is the oldest of the cottages on the island and is usually booked up a year in advance. So we were very lucky!

'My Little Stone' - Bardsey Island, Wales
As usual we took a lot of photographs. We had a mix of weather, from beautiful sun to fog to strong winds that whipped up huge waves.
'Overcome' - Bardsey Island, Wales

A combination of the strong winds shaking the simple slate roof that separated us from the elements, made sleeping challenging and I found I had a few sleepless nights. The Manx shearwaters were making the creepy calls that we have now become accustomed to, but in Carreg Bach they seem someone closer. I don’t know if this is because their flight paths take them a lot closer to Carreg Bach than Hendy, or whether it is the thinness of the roof that made it sound as though those birds were inside the cottage with us.

Roof beams

'Home Away From Home' - Bardsey Island, Wales

The cottage is very cosy inside and it’s hard not to feel like you’ve been transported to another time. I took so many photographs of the inside of the cottage as I found it so compelling. I kept finding myself imagining the people who had lived in that cottage over the years. At times it felt a little creepy, and I’m not normally given to the creeps, so perhaps it was the weather or the strangeness of staying in a different cottage or perhaps it was the long nights when I just couldn’t sleep. Whatever it was, it sparked my imagination which came through in my writing. Bardsey never fails to give me ideas and this visit was no exception.

'In the Middle' - Bardsey Island, Wales

As always we were treated to some fabulous sunsets.

Thank you Ynys Enlli for another great trip.

I will post more pictures soon!

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