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Bardsey Island Observational Research Project

‘Being on Bardsey’

In 2010 I began a Masters Degree is Screenwriting at Bournemouth University. Our first project focussed on arena. The students had to choose a location to observe for five days, write a blog about it and produce a 30 short film script based upon the arena.  It was to be as if the arena had taken on a character of its own. For my project I chose Bardsey Island (or Ynys Enlli as it is known in Welsh) and not only did the arena become a character in my script, it has become a major feature in my life. 

Bardsey island is situated off the tip off the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales and I was lucky enough to stay there for a week in August of that year. It is a unique environment, 3km out to sea approached via a choppy sound that makes crossing sporadic and frequently impossible.  

The island is steeped in history and has been a place of pilgrimage since the middle ages. The farming community has long since dwindled and now only a handful of residents remain.  Very little has changed. The island has very little phone signal, and the houses have no electricity or indoor plumbing. Earth toilets are situated in an outhouse; drinking water comes from a well and must be filtered and boiled and all other water comes from rainwater butts.  

For me it was like time travel. It still is.  Enlli continues to be a place I visit regularly. It is a delightful environment and I can recommend it both as a holiday destination, a writing retreat, a great place to observe wildlife and an even better place to unplug and step off the grid and grind of modern life. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you! 

About this blog
In 2012 I completed my MA in Screenwriting at Bournemouth University and creating this blog was a course requirement related to the observational research project.
The project took me to Bardsey Island to do five days observation in the summer of 2010, so that  wonderful island arena could present its story to me. Which it thankfully did; I passed my MA.
My relationship with the island continues as it continues to enthral me and entice me back time and again into that magical arena.  Much of my inspiration comes during my time on the island and I consider my visits there a vital component of my work.

Here are the some of the main links to my observations from August 2010. You will find links to previous and following posts at the bottom of each page. I hope you enjoy the site.

About Me


I welcome comments and feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts!

I’m Kathie Kingsley-Hughes. I’m a writer, digital storyteller and filmmaker.  You can read my main blog Vexentricity and Kingsley-Hughes.com.


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